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The Ten Commandments Of A Christian Softball Parent

This year we will be examining how to be a Christian Softball parent. Each month we will feature one of the commandments in an article. Hopefully each of us will take a closer look on how we can be a better Christian Softball parent for our players. It is up to us as Christians to change the culture of youth softball by modeling the attributes of Christ in all aspects of the game. In December of this year you will have the ability to sign the Christian Softball Parents Pledge and hopefully post it on your refrigerator for all to see. Join us on the journey to being a better Christian Softball Parent!

The Ten Commandments of a Softball Parent

Thou shall make softball fun
Thou shall always be encouraging
Thou shall not coach from the stands
Thou shall not belittle players, coaches, or umpires
Thou shall ask the coach for drills you can do to help improve a deficit area of softball
Thou shall find something positive from each game or practice
Thou shall model and teach good sportsmanship
Thou shall have realistic expectations
Thou shall enjoy softball experiences with our players
Thou shall always strive to live up to the standards of Christ


"How can I get more involved?"

FCA Softball needs eager and faithful servants, just like you, to help impact the Softball world for Christ. If you would like more information on how you can help, simply fill out the form to the right. Be sure to include your location and particular service interests or talents (outreach, fundraising, etc).

"I'd like to do some DEVOTIONALS with my player. Where can I find good, sports-related material?"

Devotionals are a GREAT way to start a tournament, end a practice, or just provide some solid family-bonding. You can find TONS of sports-related devotionals here.


"I'd like to do some BIBLE STUDIES with my player. Where can I find good, sports-related material?"

Like devotionals, Bible studies provide awesome family-bonding experiences. They are usually a little longer and more in-depth than devotionals. Think of them as spiritual workouts! You can find TONS of sports-related Bible studies here.


"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth."


[3 John 1:4]