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Monthly Partner

Automatic Monthly Partner

AMP is convenient, easy and time-saving.

•No action is needed other than mailing the AMP authorization form upfront.
•You won't need to remember to write checks anymore. Contributions are made automatically even when you are away or busy.
•The monthly transfer is automatic between your checking or credit card account to FCA Softball's bank. There is no concern about checks being lost in the mail.

AMP can be a better way to budget your contribution.

•Planning your annual giving amounts or increases becomes possible when spread over 12 months.
•There is no additional cost to you with this giving method.

AMP is one of the best ways to make your gifts to FCA Softball go further.

•It provides a more predictable cash flow to plan our ministry efforts.
•It saves FCA Softball time and money: It saves the staff hours of processing payments that could be used for other ministry tasks. It puts your dollars to work for FCA Softball more quickly. There is no cost to FCA Softball for check processing and renewal.

Enroll In AMP Online Here