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A note from FCA Softball's Dana Jenkins

Join us as we reach the softball community like never before!

If you have ever played organized sports you know how it can change and shape its participants.  It teaches valuable life lessons like how to get along with others, the value of hard work, and how to handle victory and defeat gracefully.  You probably have also seen how organized sports can be a huge time commitment sometimes keeping families away from home and out of church.  We have a passion to bring the good news and pour positive Christian influence into these kids, families, and coaches.

How do we reach this huge group? 

One of the ways we are reaching the travel ball community is through our new partner program.  Our goal is to reach as many teams as possible and put bibles in player’s hands.  You can read more about this program by going to the pull down tab “Travel Teams”

We are also set to run Sunday devotionals at some of the biggest ASA tournaments.  Our goal is to make this a norm at tournaments across the country.  We want FCA Softball to be present and a presence during tournaments.  We feel that it is important to make ourselves available not only to the participants in the tournaments but also to the college coaches who are there to recruit.  College coaches have the biggest platform and most often the greatest influence.  They not only influence their teams, they have the potential to reach hundreds of kids through camps, clinics, and recruiting.  FCA Softball wants to encourage, equip, and serve this influential group which will in turn encourage, equip, and serve hundreds of athletes. 

This ministry has been incredibly fruitful because of the relationships that have been built with Christ at the center.  Our vision is to reach the softball community like never before and we need your help!  We would love for you to become a monthly partner and be a part of how God is moving in a mighty way!  Giving as little as $25 a month would impact this ministry in a huge way!  We hope that you will join us!


Photo by Gary Leland

Why is your contribution important?

Over 2 million girls play softball every year and there are over 900 NCAA affiliated softball programs in the U.S. Your support will go towards bibles and boots on the ground to further this ministry.

Join our 300 Club

In order to fund the Coaches Ministry we need 300 people to donate $300/year which is $25 a month!  By joining our 300 Club you will receive an FCA Softball t-shirt and our newsletter to keep you updated on how this ministry is thriving.  We are dedicated to spreading the gospel to the softball community and need you to help us make that happen!  Thank you in advance for your support! 


How Do I Contribute?

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Your donation is tax deductable to the full extent of the law.